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Your Family HistoryApril 2017

There's nothing to beat getting to grips with using archives in person. They can be intimidating places, and there are different routines to learn - and different forms of registering for archive cards. So this month, our resident archivist Mary Ann Davison provides an A-Z guide to using archives, designed to make them a bit less mysterious or intimidating to those setting out on their family history journeys. However, we hope that more experienced researchers might get something out of her advice, too!

Elsewhere, we look at a couple of different aspects of history that might shed light on incidents in your own ancestors’ lives. Therefore, we look at the Scottish offence of hamesucken, a capital offence that although regarded as old-fashioned, continued to be prosecuted for into relatively recent times; and Ed Dutton also asks you to consider the possibility that your provincial ancestors might have spent time in London, and thus be recorded somewhere in the records of the metropolis. We also go into specifics to help you with your own research, from Emma Jolly’s guide to using Camden Archives, to Chris Paton’s look at researching officers of the Royal Irish Constabulary.

There's all that and plenty more in our Spring issue!

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